Please read the “letter from Region IV Secretary”, FOLLOW the “CONTESTANT CHECK LIST” for all pertinent information. The membership process has changed slightly.  Your membership/rodeo entry will NOT be accepted/processed without the required documents & associated fees………… If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the secretary or any officer listed on the home page.

ENTRY FORMS ALONG WITH ENTRY FEES SHOULD BE MAILED TO SECRETARY POST MARK DEADLINE AUGUST 20, 2021                                      Kathy Johnson, 4941 FM 269, Pickton, TX 75471


OCTOBER 9-10, 2021

If you were in the top 4 of your event at Region 4 (High School) you may enter. In the event a graduating senior was in the top 4 (graduating seniors are not eligible) everyone will move up. PLEASE CONTACT SECRETARY IF: you are unsure you are in top 4 OR if you do not plan to enter and are in the top 4 OR if you are in the top 4 and are planning to enter OR you have any additional questions.     The entry form and medical release form will be attached on this page for you to download. MAKE NOTE ENTRIES MOST BE POST MARKED BEFORE SEPTEMBER 17, 2021. 

2021-2022 CINCH TEAM

Members have to be nominated online and deadline to get the nominations is September 15, 2021. This is for High School members.  Below you will find the 2021-22 Cinch Team Selection Guidelines