High School:

President -
Vice President -
Secretary -  
Student Event Directors

High School Division:
Boys/Girls Cutting -  
Rough Stock -  
Poles –
Goats –
Barrels –
Tiedown –
Breakaway -  
Steer Wrestling –
Team Roping –

Junior High Division:
Rough Stock -
Poles –
Girls Goats –  
Boys Goats –
Barrels –
Tiedown –
Boys Breakaway -
Girls Breakaway -
Chute Dogging –
Ribbon Roping -
Team Roping -
Adult Event Directors

Barrels –
Goats –  Jr Young
Poles – Rachel Neil
Tie Down Roping – Thomas Brockway
BAW Roping – Jill Murray
Steer Wrestling – Guy Yarbrough/Mark Kelley
Chute Dogging – Mark Kelley
Ribbon Roping - Michael Akins
Team Roping – Barry Braden
Rough Stock – Brent Chadwick
Cutting -
RCH - Amy Beam


Poles -
Goats -
Barrels -
Breakaway -
Tie Down -
Ribbons -
Team Roping -
Student Event Directors

You are required to be in the arena during the entire event and
must watch each contestant compete in that event.

While you are competing or getting ready to compete, it is your
responsibility to find another member to take your place as
event director. Please take care of this in advance!!!

Any questions or protests must be addressed to the student
event director first!
Adult Board of Directors
2019 - 2020

President - Sean Sundberg
Vice President - Thomas Brockway
Region Secretary - Tina Braden

Barry Braden        Michael Akins
Jr Young            Mark Kelley
Jill Murray        Amy Beam
David Schreck          Guy Yarbrough
Mike Eason

Student Officers
Junior High:

President -  Dixie Tabb
Vice President -Lulu Eakes
Secretary - Jodee Young
Extreme News----Ariat Reporter
Saturday @ 10 AM
Sunday @ 9 AM
Reining Cow Horse @ 8 AM
(on designated days...see schedule)